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5 subcategories for "Crisis Shelter"

Domestic Violence Motel Vouchers

Programs that provide people who are experiencing domestic violence with a temporary place to stay (usually one to three nights), generally utilizing a hotel or motel with... (more)

BH-1800.1500-080 - View 1 resources »

Domestic Violence Shelters

Programs that provide temporary emergency shelter for individuals, primarily women, who have experienced domestic violence/abuse, and for their children. Such facilities... (more)

BH-1800.1500-100 - View 6 resources »

Human Trafficking Shelters

Programs that provide a safe, secure shelter environment for individuals who have been abducted, sold, recruited under fraud or pretense or otherwise brought under the control... (more)

BH-1800.1500-308 - View 4 resources »

Immigrant/Refugee Shelters

Programs that provide temporary shelter for refugees, refugee claimants and/or other immigrants who have no other housing arrangements. These facilities usually provide health... (more)

BH-1800.1500-330 - View 2 resources »

Youth Shelters

Programs that provide shelter and a safe place to sleep as well as access to food, medical care and other types of assistance for children and/or youth who have run away from... (more)

BH-1800.1500-960 - View 7 resources »