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3 subcategories for "Home Purchase/Mortgage Refinance Loans"

First Time Buyer Home Loans

Programs that provide low interest down payment/closing costs loans and/or home purchase loans for people with low incomes who are purchasing a home or a condominium for the... (more)

BH-3500.3400-250 - View 8 resources »

Foreclosure Prevention Loan Modification/Refinancing Programs

Programs available through the federal government, state housing agencies or directly from financial institutions that offer fixed rate mortgages, bridge loans or other types... (more)

BH-3500.3400-300 - View 7 resources »

Veteran Home Loans

Programs that assist veterans who want to purchase or construct a home by issuing GI loans which feature moderate interest rates, no down payment, a long repayment period, and... (more)

BH-3500.3400-900 - View 10 resources »