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9 subcategories for "Records/Licenses/Permits"

Birth Certificates

Programs that maintain and, where appropriate, provide copies of birth certificates, i.e., documents which certify the date and place of a person's birth as well as his/her... (more)

DF-7000.1200 - View 6 resources »

Death Related Records/Permits

Programs that issue, maintain and, where appropriate, provide access to or copies of documents that relate to an individual's death. (more)

DF-7000.1700 - View 6 resources »

Driver Licenses

Programs that issue permits which provide written authorization for an individual to operate a motor vehicle on public roads and highways following successful completion of a... (more)

DF-7000.1850 - View 1 resources »

Foreclosure Records

Programs that maintain and, where appropriate, provide access to court and other official records relating to foreclosure. Included are lis pendens (written notices that a... (more)

DF-7000.2270 - View 1 resources »

Law Enforcement Records/Files

Programs that maintain and, where appropriate, provide access to records and/or files kept by federal, state or local police agencies, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the... (more)

DF-7000.4590 - View 1 resources »

Motor Vehicle Registration

Programs that issue license plates for automobiles and other motor vehicles as evidence that the vehicles have been registered with the proper authorities and are authorized... (more)

DF-7000.5500 - View 2 resources »

Parking Permits

Programs that issue special decals or other official devices that authorize the bearer to park his or her vehicle in specified restricted areas. Included are parking stickers... (more)

DF-7000.6550 - View 1 resources »


Public sector offices known as passport acceptance facilities that have been authorized by the U.S. Department of State to accept and verify the documents, applicant... (more)

DF-7000.6650 - View 1 resources »

Social Security Numbers

Programs that provide Social Security cards for people who need to register for employment, report their taxes and track their Social Security benefits. Also included are... (more)

DF-7000.8250 - View 12 resources »