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Public Health Information/Inspection/Remediation

JP-6500 - view full service definition

5 subcategories for "Public Health Information/Inspection/Remediation"

Environmental Hazards Evaluation

Programs that conduct tests to ascertain whether there are harmful levels of pollutants, radiant or other energy or other hazardous materials in people's homes, yards or other... (more)

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Environmental Hazards Reporting

Programs that provide a hotline, website or other mechanisms that people who are involved in or witness to an environmental emergency can use to file a report with the proper... (more)

JP-6500.2000 - View 3 resources »

Pest Control Services

Programs that investigate established infestations of insects, rodents and other pests which may endanger the health of the community or cause damage to homes and other... (more)

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Pest Information

Programs that provide information that will help people control and/or eradicate infestations of insects, rodents and other pests that constitute a public health hazard or... (more)

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Public Facility Health Inspection

Programs that conduct regular health inspections of facilities that are open to the public and look for accumulations of dirt, dust, mold or trash; broken steps, uneven... (more)

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