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22 subcategories for "Disease/Disability Specific Screening/Diagnosis"

Allergy Testing

Programs that administer sensitivity tests which help to isolate substances which provoke an allergic reaction in an individual. Methods include percutaneous tests (scratch,... (more)

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Blood Pressure Screening

Programs that measure the pressure existing in the large arteries at the height of a pulse wave and identify individuals whose blood pressure is higher than normal, and who... (more)

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Brain Injury Assessment

Programs that conduct medical tests to determine the extent of brain injuries and the type of treatment and rehabilitation that are needed. Brain injuries may be hereditary,... (more)

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Cancer Detection

Programs that offer any of a variety of tests which are used to identify people who have some form of cancer which, if caught in an early stage, may be treated with a higher... (more)

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Cholesterol/Triglycerides Tests

Programs that examine the type and level of fatty substances in the blood as an early indication of coronary heart disease. Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance found among... (more)

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Dementia Evaluation

Programs that offer a variety of tests to establish the presence of Alzheimer's disease, Pick's disease or other conditions which involve loss of memory, deterioration of... (more)

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Dental Screening

Programs that provide dental examinations to detect tooth decay and periodontal problems, and oral hygiene information; but which refer out for cleaning, fillings, extractions... (more)

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Diabetes Screening

Programs that administer tests which determine whether an individual has diabetes, a disorder in which the pancreas produces too little insulin with the result that the body... (more)

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Eye Examinations

Programs that conduct a series of tests which measure an individual's visual acuity, identify refractive errors that cause poor vision and check for eye diseases such as... (more)

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Eye Screening

Programs that offer screening procedures that identify people who have targeted eye diseases or vision deficiencies that may require further examination. (more)

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Geriatric Assessment

Programs, generally staffed by an interdisciplinary team comprising a geriatrician, a nurse, a social worker and a pharmacist, that evaluate the functional ability, physical... (more)

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Hearing Aid Evaluations

Programs that determine the proper amplification equipment for individuals who have hearing impairments and/or which evaluate the adequacy of present equipment. (more)

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Hearing Screening

Programs that offer hearing threshold tests for the purpose of identifying individuals whose ability to perceive sound falls outside the normal range. People who fail the... (more)

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Hepatitis Testing

Programs that administer tests which identify individuals who have been exposed to hepatitis A, B or C by detecting the presence of associated antigens, antibodies or genetic... (more)

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HIV Testing

Programs that offer HIV tests which are used to identify individuals who have been infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and are at risk for developing AIDS ... (more)

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Kidney Screening

Programs that offer any of a variety of tests which determine whether an individual shows signs of decline in kidney function at an early enough stage that progression to more... (more)

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Lead Poisoning Screening

Programs that take blood samples from young children to identify individuals who have ingested paint or other materials containing lead and have absorbed an undue amount of... (more)

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Memory Screening

Programs that offer simple tests for the early detection of mild memory problems that may not be associated with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias. The screenings are... (more)

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Nutrition Assessment Services

Programs that evaluate an individual's nutritional history and dietary intake and develop a plan which ensures that the person's nutritional needs are met. The evaluation... (more)

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Osteoporosis Detection

Programs that administer tests which determine whether an individual has or is in the process of developing osteoporosis, a condition involving the loss of bone mass which... (more)

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Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening

Programs that identify individuals who have contracted gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes or other diseases that are spread by sexual contact and diagnose their conditions.... (more)

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Tuberculosis Screening

Programs that identify individuals who have contracted tuberculosis by administering chest x-rays; the Mantoux test, the von Pirquet test or the Vollmer patch test, all of... (more)

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