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Specialized Treatment and Prevention

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See also: Emergency Medical Care

15 subcategories for "Specialized Treatment and Prevention"

Alternative Medicine

Programs that offer health care and treatment procedures that fall outside the mainstream of conventional medical practice. Most alternative approaches provide preventive care... (more)

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Clinical Trials

Observational and interventional research studies conducted with human volunteers that seek answers to specific questions that relate to the causes, prevention, diagnosis,... (more)

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Condition Specific Treatment

Programs that provide comprehensive medical and/or surgical services on an inpatient or outpatient basis for people who have a targeted disease, condition or disorder. (more)

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Home Health Care

Programs that make necessary medical services available in the homes of people who are aged, ill or convalescing. (more)

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Hospice Care

Programs that provide a full range of supportive services for terminally ill individuals who are in the final stages of their illnesses and for their families. Services may... (more)

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Hyperbaric Chambers

Health care facilities that are equipped with airtight tanks in which individuals who are suffering from decompression illness can be treated. After entry into the chamber,... (more)

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Programs that provide inoculations or other prophylactic measures to prevent susceptible individuals from contracting specific diseases for which means of control have been... (more)

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Intravenous Medication

Programs that administer necessary medication either undiluted or in a solution with other fluids directly into a vein. The amount of medication administered is strictly... (more)

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Organ Transplants

Programs that specialize in the surgical replacement of organs or living tissue in people whose own organs are dysfunctional. (more)

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Pain Management

Multidisciplinary programs that specialize in the treatment of individuals who have chronic, severe pain of organic origin that has not responded to medical or surgical... (more)

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Palliative Care

Programs that provide for the comprehensive management of the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and existential needs of patients with the objective of helping them... (more)

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Special Feeding

Programs that provide alternative methods of obtaining daily nutritional requirements for people who are unable to take food and/or liquids orally due to an obstruction in the... (more)

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Tracheotomy Care

Programs that provide instruction and/or postoperative care for people who have a permanent or temporary incision in their trachea and require a cannula (tube) to keep the air... (more)

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Transgender Hormone Therapy

Programs that offer hormone replacement therapy for transgender individuals who are beginning the anatomical and psychological transition to another sex and gender. The... (more)

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Weight Management

Programs that utilize one or a variety of techniques including nutrition education, exercise, special diets, protein sparing fasting, behavior modification, hypnosis,... (more)

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