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8 subcategories for "Youth Development"

Boys/Girls Clubs

Programs that provide a wide range of supervised recreational activities and delinquency prevention services for children and youth of all ages and backgrounds, but... (more)

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Faith Based Youth Programs

Programs that provide a variety of recreational and social activities for young people with the objective of strengthening their religious values and meeting their spiritual... (more)

PS-9800.1500 - View 1 resources »

Scouting Programs

Programs that provide opportunities for children and youth to develop individual and group initiative and responsibility, self-reliance, courage, personal fitness, discipline... (more)

PS-9800.8500 - View 4 resources »

Y Facilities

Programs that provide for the spiritual, social, mental and physical development of children and youth and their families through a broad-based program which includes classes,... (more)

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Youth Business Programs

Programs that utilize volunteers from the teaching profession, business and industry to provide firsthand information about the business world for students and/or school-age... (more)

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Youth Citizenship Programs

Programs that provide opportunities for students and/or school-age children and youth to gain a clear understanding of the process of government and to develop an appreciation... (more)

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Youth Community Service Programs

Programs that provide opportunities for students and/or school-age children and youth to make a contribution to their local community through volunteer service projects or... (more)

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Youth Enrichment Programs

Programs that offer a wide variety of activities including arts and crafts, academic programs, sports, reading clubs, workshops and other recreational, leisure, cultural,... (more)

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