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Special Psychiatric Programs

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6 subcategories for "Special Psychiatric Programs"

Home Based Mental Health Services

Programs that provide clinical therapeutic services, medication, daily living skills assistance and other mental health services for people who are unable to leave their... (more)

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Integrated Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Programs that provide coordinated treatment services for individuals who have a diagnosed mental illness which interferes with their functioning in a substantial way in... (more)

RP-6400.8000-330 - View 1 resources »

Psychiatric Case Management

Programs that develop case plans for the evaluation, treatment and/or care of individuals who have mental, emotional or social problems and need assistance in arranging for... (more)

RP-6400.8000-600 - View 3 resources »

Psychiatric Day Treatment

Programs that provide a therapeutic environment for individuals who have acute or chronic mental or emotional disturbances, who do not require full-time hospital care but who... (more)

RP-6400.8000-620 - View 10 resources »

Psychiatric Medication Services

Programs that prescribe antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, antimaniacs, sedatives and antipsychotic/neuroleptic medications to control symptoms such as delusions, extreme... (more)

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Programs that integrate treatment strategies associated with psychiatry, occupational therapy and psychiatric case management to help severely mentally ill individuals... (more)

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