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5 subcategories for "Disaster Relief Services"

Critical Service Status Information

Programs that gather and disseminate to the public, government agencies, the media and other organizations information regarding the status of critical community services... (more)

TH-2600.1500 - View 1 resources »

Disaster Related Clothing/Emergency Supplies

Programs that provide clothing, blankets and other essentials immediately following a major disaster or large-scale emergency for people who have experienced substantial... (more)

TH-2600.1550 - View 1 resources »

Disaster Related Shelter Services

Programs that arrange for shelter and/or a warm place for people to stay when dangerously cold weather is expected; and/or provide emergency shelter for people who have no... (more)

TH-2600.1580 - View 2 resources »

Disaster Survivor Inquiries

Programs conducted by organizations like the American Red Cross that provide a communication network which enables the general public to obtain information about the... (more)

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Post Disaster Food Services

Programs that meet the basic nutritional needs of relief workers and/or individuals and families whose homes have been made uninhabitable by a disaster or large scale... (more)

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