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HIPAA Regulation

Code: DF-8000.6450-300

Programs that administer and enforce the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 which protect the security and confidentiality of health information under 45 CFR, parts 160 and 164 (the Privacy Rule). The privacy regulations ensure a national floor of privacy protections for patients by limiting the ways that health plans, health clearinghouses, pharmacies, hospitals and other health care providers covered by the Act can use patients' personal medical information. The regulations protect medical records and other individually identifiable health information, whether it is on paper, in computers or communicated orally. Key provisions address patient access to their medical records, notification of patients regarding privacy practices, limits on use of personal medical information, prohibitions on marketing, protections for stronger state laws, confidential communication upon the request of patients and access to a complaints process. HIPAA also limits exclusions from insurance because of pre-existing conditions, prohibits discrimination based on health conditions, and gives people the right to buy individual policies if a group plan is not available to them and they have used up their COBRA or other type of health insurance continuation coverage.

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