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Latchkey/Home Alone Safety Programs

Code: JR-8200.6500-450

Programs that are designed to increase public awareness of the measures that people can take to ensure the safety of children who have to stay unsupervised in their homes after school or throughout the day because their parent(s) are working or otherwise engaged and child care is unavailable. Topics may include applicable Child Welfare laws, assessing a child's readiness to assume responsibility for self-care, caring for younger siblings, preparing the home for a child who will be left alone (e.g., deadbolt locks on doors; first aid kits, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in place; adult beverages and firearms secured), safety precautions (e.g., answering the door or telephone, emergency phone numbers, using appliances such as a gas stove, calling 911), practicing emergency procedures (what to do in case of a fire, earthquake or threatening weather), key security, house rules, watching TV or using the Internet and the importance of good parent-child communication about the issue.

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