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Aging and Disability Resource Centers

Code: LH-0350

Programs that create a single, coordinated system of information and access for older adults and people with disabilities who are seeking long term support to minimize confusion, enhance individual choice, and support informed decision-making. ADRC centers serve as a single point of entry to public long term support programs and services. They offer information and counseling regarding available long term support options; assist individuals in determining their eligibility for public long term support programs and benefits including level of care determinations for Medicaid nursing facility and home and community-based service waiver programs; provide short-term case management to stabilize long term supports for individuals and their families in times of immediate need; help people plan for their future long term support needs; and provide information about and referral to other programs and benefits (such as health promotion and disease prevention, transportation services, housing and income support programs) that help people remain in the community.

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