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Aural Rehabilitation Therapy

Code: LR-8000.0500-060

Programs that provide services for individuals who have a hearing loss that involve an evaluation component to measure the extent of the loss; recommendations regarding hearing devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices to improve auditory access; fitting of the devices; and, depending on the situation, therapy to improve overall communication. Depending on when the hearing loss occurs relative to acquisition of speech and/or language, speech/language support services provided by a speech and language pathologist (SLP) may be recommended. For adults, aural rehabilitation services focus on adjusting to the hearing loss, making the best use of hearing aids, exploring assistive devices that might help, managing conversations and taking charge of communication. Services can be individual, in small groups, or a combination of both. Services for children focus on training in auditory perception, using visual cues, improving speech, developing language, managing communication and using hearing aids and assistive listening devices. They are offered in the context of early intervention (ages birth-3) and school services (ages 3-21) through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, according to individual needs and the communication mode the child is using.

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