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State Trial Courts

FC-8200 - view full service definition

4 subcategories for "State Trial Courts"

Civil State Trial Courts

State trial courts of general jurisdiction that handle civil cases which involve personal injury, property damage or liability, medical or dental malpractice, real estate... (more)

FC-8200.1500 - View 4 resources »

Criminal State Trial Courts

State trial courts that handle infractions punishable by a fine; misdemeanor cases such as petty theft, prostitution, intoxication and vandalism punishable by a fine with a... (more)

FC-8200.1550 - View 9 resources »

Juvenile Courts

State courts that have jurisdiction over minors who have been charged with an offense that would be considered criminal if committed by an adult, who have committed status... (more)

FC-8200.3500 - View 5 resources »

Specialized State Courts

Trial-level courts of limited jurisdiction that hear only cases that deal with specific types of legal issues or disputes. Although these courts vary from state to state, many... (more)

FC-8200.8100 - View 23 resources »