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7 subcategories for "Specialized State Courts"

Drug Courts

Special courts that have been given the responsibility to handle cases involving drug-addicted offenders through an extensive supervision and treatment program. Drug court... (more)

FC-8200.8100-170 - View 3 resources »

Family Law Courts

State courts that handle domestic relations cases including dissolution of marriages, nullification of marriages, legal separations, paternity actions, child custody, child... (more)

FC-8200.8100-200 - View 8 resources »

Mental Health Courts

State courts that handle LPS conservatorships and cases which involve psychiatric evaluations, investigations, hearings and trials related to the involuntary detention of... (more)

FC-8200.8100-500 - View 1 resources »

Probate Courts

State courts that handle regular guardianships, the establishment of decedents' wills, the settlement of decedents' estates, and decisions relating to the administration of... (more)

FC-8200.8100-650 - View 4 resources »

Small Claims Courts

State courts that hear civil cases involving no more than $5,000 and which require parties to the action to present their own cases. The judge hears both sides and renders a... (more)

FC-8200.8100-800 - View 1 resources »

Traffic Courts

State courts that hear cases which involve metropolitan area traffic violations. (more)

FC-8200.8100-900 - View 3 resources »

Veterans Courts

Special state courts that handle cases involving veterans charged with crimes, generally nonviolent felonies and misdemeanors in which post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),... (more)

FC-8200.8100-920 - View 2 resources »