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13 subcategories for "Crime Prevention"

Bullying Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of bullying, a form of violence among children, on school playgrounds, in neighborhoods and in homes, through a variety of... (more)

FN-1500.1000 - View 2 resources »

Community Crime Prevention Programs

Programs that involve the business, religious or residential community in planning, funding or implementing a crime prevention program, often in cooperation with the local... (more)

FN-1500.1550 - View 10 resources »

Crime Prevention Equipment/Registries

Programs that operate personal property identification registries and/or pay for or provide devices that can be uses or installed on their property which help to deter... (more)

FN-1500.1700 - View 1 resources »

Family Violence Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of child abuse, elder abuse and spouse abuse in family settings through a variety of educational interventions which may focus on... (more)

FN-1500.1900 - View 8 resources »

Firearm Permit Fingerprinting

Programs that make complete sets of fingerprints for individuals who are applying for a permit to purchase a firearm in situations where a criminal background check is a... (more)

FN-1500.1955 - View 1 resources »

Fraud Prevention

Programs that help older adults, people who live alone and other vulnerable individuals become aware of the scams and con games that are most frequently used to induce victims... (more)

FN-1500.2050 - View 1 resources »

Human Trafficking Prevention

Programs that work to prevent or reduce the incidence of human trafficking, i.e., situations in which individuals are abducted, sold, recruited under fraud or pretense or... (more)

FN-1500.2560 - View 5 resources »

Identity Theft Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of identity theft by making people aware of the means by which thieves obtain the personal information they use to assume another... (more)

FN-1500.2570 - View 1 resources »

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Programs that offer a variety of activities for youth who are at risk for behavior which is likely to involve them in the juvenile justice system with the objective of... (more)

FN-1500.3600 - View 12 resources »

Self Defense Training

Programs that offer physical conditioning exercises and teach participants the basic moves of self-defense including how to kick, strike, punch, block, fall and escape from a... (more)

FN-1500.8100 - View 2 resources »

Sexual Assault Prevention

Programs that help people who may be vulnerable to rape, molestation or other forms of sexual assault become aware of the general precautions that can be taken to reduce the... (more)

FN-1500.8150 - View 1 resources »

Shoplifting Prevention

Programs that provide professional advice regarding measures that merchants can take to prevent theft of their merchandise by shoppers. Also included are programs, some of... (more)

FN-1500.8200 - View 1 resources »

Youth Violence Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of violent acts committed by youth on the streets, in the schools or in other settings through a variety of educational... (more)

FN-1500.9700 - View 3 resources »