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Student Services and Campus Life

HL-8120 - view full service definition

See also: Guidance and Counseling

5 subcategories for "Student Services and Campus Life"

College/University Admissions

Administrative offices, usually in postsecondary educational institutions, that are responsible for the recruitment, selection and admission of students and which provide... (more)

HL-8120.1300 - View 1 resources »

School Supplies

Programs that pay for or provide textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, book bags and other essential educational supplies required for classes at the elementary... (more)

HL-8120.7800 - View 7 resources »

Student Counseling Services

Programs, usually within the formal education system at elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, that provide information and guidance on an individual or group basis... (more)

HL-8120.7950 - View 1 resources »

Student Disability Services

Programs that provide special assistance and accommodations that support the ability of students with visual, hearing, physical, emotional, learning or other disabilities to... (more)

HL-8120.7980 - View 8 resources »

Student Health Programs

Programs, primarily within the formal education system, that provide basic health services for school age youth. Services usually include general physical examinations,... (more)

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