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Disaster Management Organizations

TH-1500 - view full service definition

4 subcategories for "Disaster Management Organizations"

County Offices of Emergency Services

County government offices that have primary responsibility for the coordination of emergency management activities including planning, preparedness, response, recovery and... (more)

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Disaster Relief/Recovery Organizations

Organizations that have a formal role in coordinating the provision of disaster relief and/or recovery services following a major disaster or large-scale emergency that... (more)

TH-1500.1700 - View 3 resources »

Federal Departments/Agencies With ESF Responsibilities

Federal government departments and agencies that are tasked to provide response assistance, i.e., to take actions and coordinate activities which support state and local... (more)

TH-1500.1800 - View 1 resources »

Federal Emergency Management Agency Offices

Offices of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the central agency within the federal government that is responsible for federal efforts to reduce the loss of life... (more)

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