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Duval County Public Schools *Bullying and Cyber Bulling*

1701 Prudential Drive, Fourth Floor Room 405
Jacksonville, FL 32207

(904) 390-2255


The Duval County School Board has adopted an Anti Bullying Policy to address bullying, Cyber bullying and harassment in the district. Bullying is defined as systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students or employees. It is further defined as unwanted, purposeful and written, verbal, nonverbal, electronic or physical behavior, by a student or adult, that is severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment; furthermore, causing discomfort, humiliation or unreasonable interference with an individual's school performance or participation, and is often characterized by an imbalance of power.

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*Hours of operations: Mon-Fri 7am-4:30pm; Sat and Sun-closed*

Intake Process:

A Bullying Harassment Report Form available at the school or DCPS website. The report must be completed and returned to the designated school administer who will conduct an investigation

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