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Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services

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5 subcategories for "Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services"

Relapse Prevention Programs

Programs that provide structured therapy groups or other interventions which help recovering drug and/or excessive alcohol users make the cognitive, behavioral and attitudinal... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Crisis Intervention

Programs that provide in-person immediate response services for people who are in life-threatening situations due to a drug overdose or acute intoxication. Included are 24... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Hotlines

Programs that provide immediate assistance for people who have problems related to excessive use of alcohol and/or use of other drugs or are at risk of a substance use related... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Intervention Programs

Programs that work with the families and friends and others who are concerned with the excessive use of alcohol and/or use of other drugs by someone they love with the... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Referrals

Programs that link people who are in need of drug and/or alcohol use disorder services with appropriate resources. (more)

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