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7 subcategories for "Adoption Services"

Adoption Counseling and Support

Programs that provide guidance and support for people who have adopted a child or are involved in the process of adopting a child. (more)

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Adoption Evaluation/Placement

Programs that assess the needs and capabilities of children who have been relinquished for adoption, compile the children's social and medical histories, make arrangements for... (more)

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Adoption Information/Referrals

Programs that provide information about the different types of adoption that are available as options and the requirements and procedures for adopting another individual for... (more)

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Adoptive Home Studies

Programs that meet with individuals who wish to adopt a child to evaluate the home environment in which the adopted child would reside and establish the suitability of the... (more)

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Adoptive Parent/Child Search

Programs that help individuals who were relinquished for adoption as children to locate their birth parents and/or assist birth parents to locate the children they once placed... (more)

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Relinquishment for Adoption Assistance and Support

Programs that provide information, assistance and support for birth parents who wish to voluntarily terminate their parental rights to a child and provide consent for adoption... (more)

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Specialized Adoption Programs

Programs that specialize in handling adoptions for specific populations (e.g., children with special needs, foreign-born infants/children, or adoptions in which the race... (more)

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