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Functional Behavioral Assessment

Code: HL-2000.2050

Programs offered by the schools or available through public or private agencies that assess children with behavioral or emotional problems that are interfering with their educational progress or the progress of other students. A functional assessment uses a variety of techniques to understand what's behind a child's inappropriate behaviors including non-academic factors that might be contributing to a child's frustration with learning. The process leads to development of an intervention plan that focuses on teaching new behavior and social skills. Modification of the school or classroom environment and activities, adaptation of curriculum and instructional delivery, and changes to elements in the teacher/student relationship that encourage the undesirable behavior are usually also involved. A functional assessment has a narrower focus than a special education assessment. It focuses on the why, how, where, when and what of a child's behavior whereas a special education assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that is used to see if a child is eligible for special education services.

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