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Flood/Siltation Control

Code: TE-2000

Programs that are responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of flood control dams, channels, storm drains, debris basins, retention and detention basins, retention ponds, grass-lined swales, pumping plants, spreading grounds and other facilities and structures that control and conserve flood, storm and other wastewater and inhibit siltation of public bodies of water. These programs may also investigate reports of clogged or full catch basins or other problems with the flood/siltation control system, and may offer information about flood, storm and other waste water conservation programs.

See Also:

Flood Advisories (TH-2100.9500-200)

National Flood Insurance Program (TH-1800.2500-600)

Sandbags/Water Diversion Systems (TH-1800.1900-750)

Reseeding Services (TH-1800.1900-700)

Plastic Sheeting (TH-1800.1900-600)

Flood Plain Relocation Programs (TH-1800.1700-180)

Flood Preparedness Information (TH-1700.1800-220)

Waterway Maintenance (TE-9100)

Water Supply System (TE-8935)

Sewer System Maintenance (TE-8920.9000-830)

Street Flooding/Drainage (TE-8000.8230)

Stream Cleanup/Water Conservation Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2100.8000)

Water Reclamation (JD-1500.9500-970)

Water Resources Conservation (JD-1500.9500)

Agricultural Water Management (BD-2600.0500-080)