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Social Insurance Programs

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6 subcategories for "Social Insurance Programs"

Burial Benefits

Public programs that pay a portion of the funeral expenses of individuals who qualify, i.e., persons entitled to Social Security and/or veteran benefits. (more)

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Disability Benefits

Public social insurance programs that replace income lost because of a physical or mental impairment severe enough to prevent a previously employed person from working.... (more)

NS-1800 - View 21 resources »

Life Insurance

Public programs that issue policies in which the organization, in return for premium payments, agrees to pay a specified sum (the face value or material value of the policy)... (more)

NS-4500 - View 8 resources »

Retirement Benefits

Public programs administered by retirement disbursement authorities that make monthly cash payments to eligible workers and their eligible dependents following retirement. The... (more)

NS-7000 - View 6 resources »

Social Health Insurance

Public social insurance programs that provide benefits to cover all or a portion of the health care costs of covered individuals and their eligible dependents. (more)

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Survivors Insurance

Public social insurance programs that replace income lost to dependents because of a worker's death. Monthly cash benefits are paid to the eligible dependents of deceased... (more)

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