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Leisure Activities/Recreation

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8 subcategories for "Leisure Activities/Recreation"

Leisure Accommodations

Establishments that provide overnight lodging, meals and a variety of personal services for individuals, families and groups who are doing business or vacationing in the area. (more)

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Parks/Recreation Areas

Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public recreational facilities and grounds which can be used for a variety of leisure-time activities. Included are... (more)

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Physical Fitness

Programs that provide activities for people who want to improve their strength, flexibility, endurance, muscle tone, reflexes, cardiovascular health and/or other aspects of... (more)

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Recreational Activities/Sports

Programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn, become competitive in and enjoy the organized recreational activity, sport or game of their choice. These... (more)

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Recreational/Leisure/Arts Instruction

Programs that provide classes or individual lessons for people who want to develop an appreciation for or competency in a particular recreational, artistic or leisure-time... (more)

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Sightseeing/Guided Tours

Organizations that provide morning, afternoon, evening or full-day excursions which enable visitors to see local places of interest in a city or surrounding areas, usually... (more)

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Spectator Sports

Matches, games, tournaments, meets and other recreational competitions, generally at the national or international level, that are intended to be watched rather than played.... (more)

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Programs organized by community or educational groups that provide opportunities for people of all ages to travel locally, throughout the country or abroad for the purpose of... (more)

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