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5 subcategories for "Food"

Emergency Food

Programs that provide a limited amount of food for individuals or families during times of personal crisis, or for people who have no food or cannot afford to purchase food at... (more)

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Food Collection and Storage

Programs that collect, warehouse and distribute food from a wide variety of sources to food pantries, meal programs, shelters and other charitable organizations that use it... (more)

BD-1875 - View 1 resources »

Food Outlets

Programs that supply consumers with food and other supermarket products, in many cases at lower than retail prices. (more)

BD-2400 - View 1 resources »

Food Production

Programs that provide assistance for people who want to grow their own food or maintain their own gardens on a private basis; or which offer information, technical assistance... (more)

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Programs that provide supplementary nutrition (which may include hot meals, snacks or milk) typically for homeless people, individuals with low or fixed incomes, older adults,... (more)

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