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5 subcategories for "Meals"

After School Meal Programs

Programs that provide nutritious evening meals for disadvantaged children who live in low-income neighborhoods. The meals are often sponsored by local food banks that are part... (more)

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Community Meals

Programs that organizes suppers, lunches or other get-togethers that give community residents an opportunity to meet one another in a friendly and informal atmosphere while... (more)

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Home Delivered Meals

Programs that prepare and deliver regular meals to older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to shop and/or prepare the food for themselves or travel to a site... (more)

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Soup Kitchens

Programs offered by churches, restaurants and other organizations that provide meals in a central location for people who lack the resources needed to buy and prepare food.... (more)

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Summer Food Service Programs

Programs that operate during the summer when school is not in session and provide congregate nutritional meals (breakfasts, snacks, lunches and/or dinners) for children and... (more)

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