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Federal Hazardous Materials/Oil ESF

Code: TH-1500.1800-270

Federal government departments and agencies that have primary responsibility for or a support role in providing federal assistance to state and local governments in response to an actual or potential discharge and/or release of oil or hazardous materials following an incident of national significance (ESF #10). Activities include stabilization of berms, dikes or impoundments; capping of contaminated soils or sludges; use of chemicals and other materials to contain or retard the spread of the release or to mitigate its effects; drainage controls; fences, warning signs or other security or site control precautions; removal of highly contaminated soils from drainage area; removal of drums, barrels, tanks or other bulk containers that contain oil or hazardous substances; and other response actions that prevent, minimize or mitigate a threat to public health, welfare or the environment.

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