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Jobs for Felons

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Having trouble finding a job as a felon? Unsure of what federal, and state programs there are, to help a felon obtain, and keep employment? Looking for an apartment, or home as a felon, and don't know who will accept you?

We are a business, devoted to felons, wishing to obtain employment, and any other necessary help, and information, to better their lives. You can use our free services, to search for local businesses, that hire felons, find felon federal/state program information, and get support from other members. There are no charges for using any services on the Xamire Network.

Employment: View employers, in your state, and city, that hire felons. Apply to major companies, located in your state listing, and view smaller, and more specific employers in your city listing.

Programs: View federal programs, that are designed to help felons obtain, and keep a job; located in tabs, at the bottom of your state & city listing, as well as view state & city/county specific information & services.

Housing: View condos, homes, apartments, townhomes, and other rental properties, that accept felons.


Primary Services:

General Information


NATIONAL WEBSITE - 24/7 (America & Canada)

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All information, jobs, housing, and help is located on

Program Fees:

100% Free Online Service


English, Spanish, French (more soon)


Felons, Ex-offenders, convicted felons

Is Shelter?


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