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Florida Division of Blind Services- Ft. Myers

2830 Winkler Avenue, Suite 207
Fort Myers, FL 33916

(239) 278-7130


The Florida Division of Blind Services provides assistance to individuals who are blind or visually impaired through 12 district offices, Florida Blind Service's Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, local community rehabilitation programs serving the blind, or a local Center for Independent Living. The types of services provided directly or sponsored by us are summarized below:

1. Services to Children- Children and family services are provided to eligible children who are blind or visually impaired and their families so that they may reach educational and independent living goals. Successful outcomes enable children to transition from preschool to school and from school to work or other appropriate community programs.

2. Services to Older Adults or Non-working Blind- Independent living services are provided to enable individuals who are blind and severely visually impaired to live more independently in their homes and communities with the maximum degree of self-direction. Successful outcomes enable individuals to live more independently in their community and/or transition to the world of work.

3. Services to Individuals Seeking Employment- Vocational rehabilitation services are provided to assist individuals who have a bilateral visual impairment which constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to employment; and need services to prepare for, enter or engage in or retain gainful employment. Successful outcomes lead to achievement of employment goals.

4. Employer Services- Employers who need information about how to make a job accessible to an employee with a visual impairment or want to hire a qualified employee can contact us for this information.

5. Business Enterprise Services- The Business Enterprises Program provides job opportunities in the food service sector for eligible blind persons under the Randolph-Sheppard Act. Job opportunities include: snack bar, cafeteria, highway vending machines, or non-highway vending.

6. Braille and Talking Book Library Services- The Florida Division of Blind Services also provides information and reading materials needed by individuals residing in Florida who are unable to use standard print as the result of visual, physical, or reading disabilities. These services are provided through its Bureau of Braille and Talking Books Library Services.


Primary Services:

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Children's Program:
-The child must have the presence of a bilateral visual impairment which, with best correction for that individual, constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to the child's ability to learn, function independently, or to become employed; and
-A reasonable expectation that services may benefit the child and family in terms of education, independence, and transition.

Vocational Program: Individuals must have a visual impairment in both eyes and require vocational rehabilitation services to obtain, maintain, or retain an employment outcome.

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