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    (800) 352-2437

    Specialized Information and Referral

  • Alcohol / Drug Abuse Helpline and Treatment- HOTLINE

    (800) 234-0420

    Drug Use Related Hotlines, Specialized Information and Referral

  • Alcoholics Anonymous HOTLINE

    (407) 260-5408

    Alcohol Use Disorder Education/Prevention, Alcohol Use Disorder Counseling, Specialized Information and Referral

  • Alcohol Support and Information HOTLINE

    (800) 331-2900

    Alcohol Use Disorder Education/Prevention, Alcohol Related Crisis Intervention, Specialized Information and Referral

  • America's Crisis Pregnancy Helpline - HOTLINE

    (800) 672-2296

    Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines, Specialized Information and Referral

  • A Safe Haven for Newborns - HOTLINE

    (877) 767-2229

    Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines, General Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Specialized Information and Referral

  • Auto Safety HOTLINE

    (800) 424-9393

    Runaway/Homeless Youth Helplines, Specialized Information and Referral

  • Boys Town National HOTLINE

    (800) 448-3000

    General Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Runaway/Homeless Youth Helplines, Sexual Assault Hotlines, Suicide Prevention Hotlines, Substance Use Disorder Hotlines, Specialized Information and Referral, Youth Issues Information Services

  • Breastfeeding Help line - HOTLINE

    (321) 841-5235

    Specialized Information and Referral

  • Catholic Charities - Central Region

    1771 N. Semoran Blvd
    Suite B
    Orlando, FL 32807
    (407) 658-1818

    Basic Needs, Food Pantries, Mortgage Payment Assistance, Rent Payment Assistance, Utility Service Payment Assistance, Electric Service Payment Assistance, Personal Financial Counseling, Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services, Job Training Formats, Adoption Services, Adoption Counseling and Support, Adoption Evaluation/Placement, Adoption Information/Referrals, Adoptive Home Studies, Adoptive Parent/Child Search, Preadoptive Foster Care, Case/Care Management, Foster Home Placement, Christmas Baskets, Foster Homes for Dependent Children, Youth Community Service Programs, Youth Enrichment Programs, Conjoint Counseling, Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Food Donation Programs, Specialized Information and Referral

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