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AB 109 Dedicated Reentry Program Resource Guide

Category - Family Services

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Family Services

Family Services

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Child Care

Child care centers, family child care homes, schools and recreation centers that provide supervised care through statewide and community-based services that are designed to improve the availability and quality of child care. These programs maintain lists of child care resources and link families who are in need of child care services. Included are programs that provide temporary shelter/care, extended child care, Head Start and Early Head Start preschools.

Foster Care

Programs that link individuals who are in need of alternative living arrangements with appropriate private family homes that are licensed to provide foster care care for dependent children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Included are programs that provide reunification supportive services, adoption and foster/kinship care support groups and supervised living for older youth.

Child and Adult Protective Services

Programs that accept and respond, investigate and intervene on behalf of clients who are unable to act on their own behalf, or who are in immediate danger due to physical or emotional abuse, unsafe or hazardous living conditions, exploitation, neglect or abandonment. Included are programs that work with families who have an open child abuse case or private organizations that have been appointed by the court to act as legal guardians or conservators.


Programs that identify and enlist individuals and couples who are willing to provide a permanent home and new legal parentage for children who have been relinquished for adoption; providing guidance, support, requirements and procedure information, including kinship care or special needs adoption.

Disability Services

Programs that assist people who have disabilities to learn the basic skills of daily living through individual and group counseling and instruction, experience and practice in coping with real or simulated life situational demands. Included are programs that help individuals who are having difficulty understanding and/or obtaining grants, payments, services or other benefits for which they are eligible.


Programs that provide classes, workshops or other educational opportunities for parents or potential parents who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to be effective in their parenting role. Included are court ordered parenting programs, disability related parenting programs, expectant/new parent assistance and prenatal/postnatal home visitation programs.

Anger Management

Programs that provide educational and/or therapeutic opportunities for people who are interested in or who need to learn how to deal with their anger in a positive, functional way.  Included are court-ordered and voluntary programs for people who are involved in domestic violence or child abuse.